Wander: New York City

Empire State Building

Over the summer, I went to New York City. The first night we were there, my aunt and uncle took my siblings and me to the Empire State Building. The view of the city was absolutely breathtaking,  but I especially loved the way the top of the building looked when it was illuminated. The trip was amazing, and this picture really captures how beautiful a building can be.

Olivia Bohnsack is an assistant martial arts instuctor, and she’s been training for six years. She is currently working on getting her first degree black belt. Because math and science are her favorite subjects, she hopes to work in the medical field someday. She enjoys playing tennis, running track, practicing martial arts, and spending time with her family and friends. Music plays an important role in her life. Whether it’s playing the drums, belting out her favorite songs, or listening to Vampire Weekend, there’s always music involved. She’s your typical fun-loving, studious, empathetic teenager so feel free to ask her questions! Email her at 6bohnsack@arrowheadschools.org.



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