Wonder Woman: Breaking Down Boundaries and Making History

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    On June 2nd, director Patty Jenkins and Allan Heinberg came together to create one of the most successful superhero films in recent years, focusing on the widely known Amazon warrior: Wonder Woman. With higher quality action and much better writing than previous DC films, Wonder Woman focuses on a female hero, which has been long overdue and is sure to please fans of all ages. With a unique glimpse into the life of Wonder Woman and a story that is instantly captivating, Wonder Woman has proven that female heroes are well-needed in film today. This latest release indicates that DC is moving in a more positive direction and may even have the potential to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    The film begins with an introduction to Diana’s (Gal Godot) upbringing on an island inhabited by only female warriors, determined to devote their lives to training for any potential threats that may come their way. But when a cluster of ships washes up on the shores of their protected island, everything begins to change. Along with these strangers comes Diana’s calling to protect the world from great evil, specifically Ares, the god of war. Diana must abandon the only life she has ever known and follow her new mortal companion, Steve (Chris Pine). He takes her on an intense and mesmerizing journey to rid the world of war and corruption, but Diana soon learns this is nearly impossible to do. With strong writing and a plot that is impossible not to enjoy, Wonder Woman gives audiences a female warrior to cheer on as she fights evil, comes to terms with the darkness of humanity, and discovers the significance of love and human connection.

    Wonder Woman is hands down one of my favorite films so far this year. The movie is filled with wit, has plenty of incredible action and war sequences, and is simply a lot of fun to watch. I found myself laughing, cheering for Wonder Woman and Steve, and even getting a bit teary-eyed at some points. Compared to the lifeless and mediocre films produced by DC in the past, Wonder Woman’s excellence is only emphasized. The only negative aspect of the film was the few comments that felt degrading to men, making men seem like only reproductive objects rather than people. While not major, these comments seemed unnecessary and a bit uncalled for in a movie that should be able to be enjoyed by both male and female audiences; it took a bit away from the idea of inclusiveness and breaking down boundaries that directors intended from the film. But, despite some controversial statements, Wonder Woman is sure to set a precedent for future superhero films and is sure to leave viewers eagerly awaiting the next installment in the DC franchise.

    From golden lassos of truth to full-fledged battle scenes, Wonder Woman is the epitome of a badass superhero film. The story is one that will not be easily forgotten, and the characters actually appeared to have depth, which is a rare sight in superhero films. For those looking for one of the most exciting and thrilling movies of the summer, Wonder Woman cannot be missed.


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