Love,  Love Love

You Taught Me How to Love

falling in love in my late teens, i thought i knew everything i needed to know.

i thought those movies where the girl falls in love with the boy and she’d fight for his attention until they’d kiss under the sunset and dance in the rain portrayed what real love was. all smiles and bright eyes.

but love, love is shouting at each other after you’ve both had one too many shots and the night has drawn on.

it’s late night heart to hearts where it feels as though your heart really has become lighter by each choked out whisper.

it’s holding hands and sneaking quick kisses at public events. trying to hide your public display of affection because nobody smiles and applauds like they do in the movies. but sometimes you just don’t care. you just want your love to be admired because to you, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world.

i have watched and learned from witnessing the love around me how i should give and receive love. i am lucky and i am thankful that i have been taught what real love is supposed to look like.

• arguments are healthy.

• don’t hold grudges.

• don’t let the devil sit on your shoulder and convince you to push away those who care.

love is reckless and crazy… but f*** it is definitely worth all the temporary heartache you go through to be able to have your heart feel so full and your smile hit your eyes every time you see the person who has lit up your life.


i fell in love at nineteen with a boy 1 year my elder but whose soul shared mine as if we had been born at the same time.

our hearts beat together in sync.


           i love being in love. 


Charlotte Berry

Charlotte Berry is a 20-year-old bibliophile who finds comfort in writing her messy and sometimes incoherent thoughts down until her mind is clear and calm. She adores her dog, Theodore Finch (named after her favourite book character), and loves chocolate buttons that her boyfriend frequently buys for her when she is down. You can find her on Twitter @salvxtion.

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